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1. Glazing Tempered textured glass is used to maximize the solar radiation available and minimize energy emittance. It is extremely strong and hail resistant. 2. Absorber Plate The surface treatment is high selective black chrome and the absorber material is aluminim with laser welding technology. 3. Risers Designed for either water or propylene glycol, the 22mm & 25mm diameter headers comply with international standards.

products descrpition

 Product Features:

●    Full aluminum plate absorber  with high selective black chrome coating
●    Laser welding machine imported from Europe;
●    High and stable absorption rate ensure best efficiency of collector;
●    Corrosion resistance, high pressure withstood;
●    Long life and free maintenance;
●    Have passed EN12975-1, 2, ISO9806-1 tests;
●    SRCC, SABS Certificated.

Product Specification

Model No. & Specs FS-PTY80-1.5 FS-PTY80-2.0 FS-PTY95-2.0 FS-PTY95-2.5
Overall Data Dimensions 1500x1000x80mm 2000x1000x80mm 2000x1000x95mm 2000x1250x95mm
Overall area 1.5 ㎡ 2 ㎡ 2 ㎡ 2.5 ㎡
Aperture area 1.41 ㎡ 1.9 ㎡ 1.9 ㎡ 2.35 ㎡
Absorber Header (mm)  Φ22
Welding way Laser welding
Max. pressure 0.8Mpa
Material Full Aluminum plate
Coating Black chrome coating
Absorption 95%
Emittance <11%
Insulation Material Fibre glass
Thickness(mm) Back: 30 Back: 30 Back: 50 Back: 50
Glazing Transmittance 92%
Material  Low iron tempered textured glass
Casing Frame Aluminum alloy
Back plate Aluzinc steel
Frame color Silver/Black/ BrownS
Sealing gasket Silicone glue
Net weight(kg) 21 28 35 41
Certification / SABS SRCC,SABS /